National Association of Chain Drug Stores: (NACDS)
For more than two decades Robert Coopman was a member of the NACDS Pharmacy Affairs Committee. For three plus decades he has been a regular attendee and occasional program participant in the annual NACDS Pharmacy and Technology Conference. From time to time he has consulted with NACDS on contemporary issues.

Coopman and Alessandro Consultants, L.L.C are associate members of the NACDS.

The Food Marketing Institute: (FMI)
Robert Coopman was one of a group of retail and industry pharmacy executives that founded the Pharmacy Affairs Group within FMI. For two years he chaired the Pharmacy Affairs Group as well as the Annual FMI Pharmacy Conference held in the spring of each year.

The Texas Federation of Drug Stores: (TFDS)
Robert Coopman was among a group of chain pharmacy executives that founded TFDS as a State based affiliate of NACDS. Robert served as President of TFDS on two different occasions and remains in touch with the group today as it goes about its business of influencing Texas State governmental and regulatory affairs.

The General Merchandise Distributors Council: GMDC

The HealthCare Distributors Marketing Association: HDMA