The RCVA Group, Robert Coopman and Victor Alessandro, was founded by two seasoned veterans who have worked synergistically as senior corporate executives and as consultants to the Drug Store, Pharmaceutical and Food industries. They have worked with clients on 5 continents and have developed an impressive client list.

Individually, Robert has a rich history as Vice President Pharmacy at HEB Grocery Company, one of the nation's largest, independently owned food retailers with hundreds of stores throughout Texas and Mexico. This was followed by an active domestic and international consulting practice known as Robert Coopman Consultants, L.L.C. Robert is knowledgeable and proven in all aspects of community chain pharmacy and related health aids. He is the author of a monthly feature article published in Chain Drug Review and has performed as an industry expert in a number of legal cases.

Victor Alessandro “wrote the book” on category management and retail activity based costing while Vice President - Drug Store at HEB Grocery (San Antonio, Texas). Victor also served as Senior Vice President and Chief Category Management Officer at The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company (A&P). Most recently, Victor has managed a robust domestic and international consulting business as Victor Alessandro and Associates Consulting, Inc. Victor is particularly knowledgeable and experienced in key retail areas including: Procurement, merchandising, store layout, planogram development, effective negotiations, and retail technology.

Together, Robert and Victor have collaborated on projects including the “ Greenfield” start-up development of a modern chain of drug stores in the English-speaking Caribbean known as SuperPharm, Ltd. SuperPharm is expected to be the leading drug chain in their market within the first 18 months of operation.

In addition to the competencies of Robert and Victor, the RCVA Group has available an associated group of high level, proven executives representing specific expertise in key areas of drug and food manufacturing, marketing, distribution logistics, systems development, and shelf management.